last rites

All general chat and questions relating to the BX 16valve.
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last rites

Post by RobC » Sat Aug 06, 2011 9:06 pm

(x-post from bx club) Sadly I think it's time to part with my 16v.

Unless someone wants to tackle the work for me out of sheer love for the model! No way I could afford to pay standard garage resto rates though. Alas I don't have the time or space or money or inclination to do it myself any more. Also, and you're going to hate me for this, but if I get rid I'm probably going to break it to try to maximise my money. When you're out of work needs must I'm afraid. A silly offer would change my mind, but I know that's unlikely for it as a job lot with the work that needs doing.

Needs welding behind the rear bumper, underneath the offside side skirts (skirts will have to be removed to get at it. think it could be deemed structural there?) and front inner wings - particularly bottom of scuttle thing under the washer fluid resevoirs. Also some tiny patches at the top of both A pillars and, if we're being picky, some bits around the rear wings behind the doors.

Also needs a new hardy disk & rear exhaust.

It's a shame because the 25,000 mile engine is really strong (though slightly weepy), the outer bodywork is great (mint front bumper!) and interior's excellent.


I'm off on my parents' narrowboat for a week... maybe when I get back my enthusiasm will have returned...

If this is the end, I've thoroughly enjoyed my ten year BX love affair, and will miss it. I very much doubt I'll buy another car for a long time, because I don't strictly need one, living in London.

The car's holed up in my parents garage in Shrewsbury. If anyone wants to have a look at it let me know.

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Post by ollie » Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:04 pm

I'm not million miles from shrewsbury if you want it fixed at a sensible price - that list doesn't sound out of the ordinary or onerous! only scary at london prices....


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