What "we" always knew.

Have you spotted a BX 16valve on your travels or on TV or in the press? Post details here.
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What "we" always knew.

Post by Dave » Sun Mar 08, 2020 4:41 pm

I have been browsing around different sites for BX info (with the words 16 valve or in this case 16 Soupapes).
The latter brings up a lot more sites which make interesting reading. Google translate is a big help.

I believe the BX was not particularly liked in the early days but everything I have found over recent days has been very complimentary and 16v gets good comments.

I have a friend who lives in France, in his last correspondence, he mentioned the early stages of a group forming for the valver so that would seem to back up these reviews.

I found this little site below that has done a top 10.
Many of the cars on there are models we expect to see but I am pleased to see where the 16v is placed considering what follows it.

Number one does not surprise me and in the day number two was not bad.

https://www.largus.fr/actualite-automob ... tle-anchor
Prefer it to the Lamborghini, like Signor Gandini!

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